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As a child, Charles "Sparky" Schulz split his free time between adventures outdoors with his dog Spike and doodles inspired by the comics he loved to read. He longed to become a professional cartoonist, but saw his goals deferred by unexpected challenges: military deployment in World War II and the heartbreak of a family tragedy.

Still Charles never lost sight of his dream or his love for Spike (his model for Snoopy), both of which inspired the publication of Peanuts. The syndicated comic strip would soon become the most popular and influential in comics history, delighting millions of kids and adults worldwide. This is his story.

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Working dogs do more than search for bombs, drugs, or missing people. Wildlife biologists train and use them in their important efforts to study endangered or invasive species around the world.

In the race to save endangered species, finding solutions now is critical. Canine detectives are on the case, using their super sense of smell to locate the scate of target animals. From loose bear dung to gooey whale excrement, scat can tell scientists a lot about an animal without harming the animal or putting the researcher in danger.

In this book, follow a mother bear in her cozy den as a blanket of snow settles over Yosemite National Park. Her newborn cubs drink her warm, rich milk and grow quickly. Soon three furry, hungry bears set out to experience their world and to find tasty meals of tender, green shoots.

The bears roam Tuolumne Meadows, munching tall grasses and keeping a safe distance from park visitors. Mama bear teaches her cubs to find grubs in a rotting log and lick up the juicy insects. But she must remain on alert for danger and rush her cubs to safety when a forest fire rages close by or another bear threatens them.

​​Scat-detection dogs are conservation heroes on the cutting edge of science, helping to save the world one poop at a time. Learn about them and their handlers through text and color photos in the following sections: 

  • The Nose Knows: The Science Behind Super Sniffers
  • School is in Session: Training a Scat-Detection Dog
  • Into the Wild: Gathering Grizzly Scat
  • On the Open Sea: Tailing Whales
  • Beyond Poop: Finding Tortoises, Turtle Eggs, and Owl Pellets
  • Invasion! The Hunt for Harmful Insects, Snails, and Snakes
  • Frequent Flyers: Finding Scat Around the World

A Junior Library Guild selection.
A National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Outstanding Book.
Named to "Best of the Best List" by the Chicago Public Library
2016 Cybils Award Nominee in Juvenile Nonfiction.

“Readers are sure to come away with a deep fascination with and appreciation for scat-detection dogs' essential contributions to conservation work.”  KIRKUS REVIEWS

"A fine selection that will appeal to a wide range of readers, from dog and science lovers to conservation enthusiasts and kids who enjoy all things poop related." SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

"...a fascinating look at the special training and important jobs that canines take on in order to help scientists in the field. Using information gleaned directly from dog-handlers, veterinarians, biological scientists, and researchers, Wadsworth discusses the amazing adaptive abilities of dogs' olfactory functions and what qualities make dogs the perfect fit for the job of sniffing scat. Full-color photographs show dogs working in the desert, in the forest, and even on the open water, and reveal the synergy between humans and dogs. This book encourages readers to think about unconventional sources of information and the unusual methods of data collection necessary to scientific discovery." BOOKLIST

"The photographs are nothing less than stunning, not so much artistically as they are for their content. Yellow sidebars give readers additional information. [This book] is a wonderful way for kid to learn about new and exciting jobs. It will at least get kids thinking about their and the Earth’s future and about life out of the ordinary.​" KID LIT REVIEWS

80 pages with over 90 color photographs. Charlesbridge Publishing, 2016
ISBN 978-1-58089-650-4 * $17.95
​​Get a bear's eye view and a tour of the seasons in Yosemite's high country with these fascinating and mighty creatures.

Winner of the 2017 Storyteller (Illustrated Children's Book) Spur Award from Western Writers of America.

"...lovely natural history by a pair of Northern Californians. Set in the high country, golorious watercolors zero in on a mother bear and her two cubs as they snuggle in their winter den, emerge to a snowy spring, venture into icy waters, search for food, ignore summer tourists, escape a forest fire, gorge on autumn acorns and finally prepare to hibernate. Empahsis is on the rhythm of life and behaviors to ensure survival."  SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"A mother bear and her two young cubs awaken one cold morning in their den and venture out into the wild, capturing the spirit of the national park...Thoughtful paintings from Daniel San Souci complement the straightforward narrative, gracefully showcasing the blend of both bear and human inhabitants, while an array of fun facts shared in the author’s note are a welcome addition for campers, park rangers, naturalists, and wildlife enthusiasts of all ages."  FOREWORD REVIEWS

"...a sweet new story following a mother bear and her newborn cubs living in Yosemite National Park. Readers will experience the changing seasons through the eyes of this family of bears, and witness their interactions with other wild creatures and the world around them." THE DAILY PRETZEL

32 pages with watercolor illustrations. Yosemite Conservancy, 2016
ISBN 978-1-930238-66-4 * $15.95